Memory Installation Tips

February 01, 2024
Memory Installation Tips
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Having trouble when installing the new memory? Does the PC not recognize the new memory? Don't worry. Try the following tips which most likely can help you out of the situation.

Push the memory as far as it can go into the slot

First of all, unlock the slot if it is needed. Double check the notches on the memory  are lined up with the keys in the slot.  When the memory slot is clear, press down the memory to the slot with some strength. Then you should find the pins on the memory are rarely visible, which means the memory modules are properly seated.


Motherboard cables loose

When you open up your PC, you may accidentally loosen some of the cables on the motherboard. That can cause the PC not booting up.


OS Maximum Memory

The operating system may have a limitation of memory.


Update your BIOS.

Sometimes because of the old BIOS, the bigger capacity of memory may not work. Try updating it when you find the new memory modules are not working properly.


Extra troubleshooting tips:

  1. Try to install one memory module and boot up to see if one of the memory modules is defective.
  2. Make sure the new memory has the same specifications with the current memory, if you install the new memory with the ones together.
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