Elevate your play with Pinnacle Gaming hardware

September 06, 2022
Elevate your play with Pinnacle Gaming hardware
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Doing the latest games justice doesn't have to cost the earth. Here's how to significantly upgrade your PC on a budget with some new RAM

Playing games on a solid PC gives us access to beautiful, challenging, and immersive environments at any time, from anywhere in the world. Games like these have the power to be transformative – perhaps nurturing a talent for playing or creating that we never knew we had. Everyone from esports stars and streamers, to developers and casual gamers, should have access to the games that they love, which is why an affordable memory solution just makes sense.
Computer memory is far from just storing away documents and files. It acts like a brain, allowing your PC to process both simple and complex tasks, at times multitasking and working hard to keep your performance at its best. RAM size and stability is crucial to the life of your PC, and trying to play any of the latest games without an adequate supply will end in disaster.
Fortunately, Pinnacle Gaming – powered by Timetec International Inc – has a selection of high-quality yet affordable memory solutions in a variety of colours and sizes, meaning that high-end PC spec you’ve been coveting needn’t be a distant dream for too much longer.
Not only does this hardware look sleek, it can be matched with your existing PC case and aesthetic. From full RGB options and a choice between black or white casings, Pinnacle Memory will help you level up your gaming experience for a surprisingly affordable price.

Pinnacle MM1-Konduit RGB Performance DDR4 Memory

Pinnacle’s first foray into overclocked memory, this powerful DDR4 tech supports exceptionally high speeds and full RGB lighting across its understated faceplate, compatible with ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI software.

The Pinnacle MM1-Konduit RGB has been tested on the latest chipsets, using the highest quality ICs for a smooth and flawless performance. Able to spread heat efficiently and enabled for XMP 2.0, this small-framed addition to your PC build packs an impressive punch.

Here are the numbers on three different benchmarking tests, taken with the 3600 MHz:

AIDA 64 Benchmark (in MB/s):
Read: 54618
Write 53751
Copy: 50205
Latency: 70.2ns

Cinebench R23 score: 21488

3DMark CPU test (All Threads): 10567

Available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, each order comes with two modules with memory speeds of 3000 MHZ, 3200 MHz, and 3600 MHz. The lifetime warranty and low price point combine to give you the performance you need at a price you can afford. Expect silky-smooth gameplay and minimal latency when this hardworking hardware is installed.

Pinnacle MM1-Konduit Performance DDR4 Memory

If you’re looking to swerve the colours of an RGB module and want something more understated, you can save yourself some cash with the Konduit DDR4. With XMP 2.0 enabled as standard and the ability to overclock with just one click, this unassuming piece of hardware is set to significantly upgrade your gaming experience.

These memory modules are available in 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB, meaning there’s something for every type of gamer. If you’re more into puzzle games, point-and-clicks, or life sims, you’ll most likely be okay with the 16GB, but many of the latest AAA games would look and feel best with a 32GB boost.

What’s more, both Pinnacle memory solutions are plug and play, making them perfect for first-time PC builders, or those looking to swap out their existing memory for something a bit stronger. Any Pinnacle product is compatible with the latest Intel and AMD chipsets, so you’ll be good to go in almost any configuration.

Why Pinnacle?

Even if this is your very first time upgrading your RAM – a process that couldn’t be simpler, and is guaranteed to boost your performance almost instantly – Pinnacle has your back. Pinnacle is a brand built on performance, meaning from the moment you connect your new RAM to your setup, even at the most demanding point in any high-end game, you’ll be fully supported with a smooth and powerful performance.

Pinnacle memory uses the best components and most thorough testing standards to ensure your system is always at peak performance. Equipped with XMP 2.0 and full RGB support, the Konduit is ready for seamless plug and play, so whether you’re a newbie or a PC building pro you can get playing with your beefed up RAM immediately.

To keep an eye on their upcoming deals, sales, and products, you can sign up to the Pinnacle Gaming mailing list. Head over to the Pinnacle Gaming Amazon page now to compare its two leading products and find the perfect fit for your next gaming PC upgrade – whichever kit you pick, you’ll see the difference as soon as it’s installed.

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